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The Cedar River Experience

Be a part of the legacy.

The Project

The Cedar River Story 


Fifty years ago the Cedar River flowing through the Cedar Valley was a vibrant part of our community.  Families gravitated toward the river for boating, fishing, swimming and for picnics.  The Cedar River with its power and the fertile land it helped create is the reason William Sturgis settled along its banks in the 1840s. 


The River is why this community came to be.


Our River has filled with silt, making water and leisure activities a distant memory.

The Cedar River Experience Project will provide a multi-use park to bring life back to our River.  It will include white-water rafting, kayaking and paddle boarding opportunities to name just a few activities.


River banks and the channel improvements will enhance the aquatic habitat for fish and waterfowl.  The Project is not only a recreational endeavor, but will directly improve the local economy, retaining residential numbers while also drawing new families, businesses and visitors to the Cedar Valley.


The River enhancement will help fill hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues – places that residents and visitors alike are attracted to in order to grow and sustain the enrichment and quality of life.

View renderings of the proposed design (PDF)


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