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Community Impact

The Cedar River Experience Project will position Cedar Falls as a visitor destination.  The whitewater features and accompanying water and shoreline features will add to the attractiveness of Cedar Falls and add to the diversity of the economy.  It will also help build Cedar Falls’ identity as a place to live and work.

View renderings of the proposed design here (PDF)


The Economic Impact Analysis conducted by the City of Cedar Falls draws several conclusions (read the Economic Impact Analysis).


At the higher end of potential economic output, 45,100 regional and visitor user days will increase total annual output by $9.6 million, increase local earnings by $2.6 million and create 115 jobs as a whole.  Over 10 years, this means a total economic output of $96 million in the greater Cedar Falls area.

Tangible business opportunities will accompany the park.  Specific opportunities include restaurants/bars, lodging, general retail, entertainment and gear and equipment sales.


Special events not only bring in new revenue from participant spending, but also help market, brand and promote Cedar Falls and its unique assets as a visitor destination, and for prospective businesses and residents.


Social Impact

Special populations include college students and special event tourists, and swift-water training groups can create additional economic impacts.


Rafting and tubing are two whitewater park user markets that are currently underdeveloped.


Plaza features will include event space, food/beverage service, and a live music venue.

Ecological Impact


Dry-land activities including fishing, hiking, walking, bicycling and running will increase the overall appeal of the park.


River banks and the channel improvements will enhance the aquatic habitat for fish and waterfowl. It will help to build the river ecosystem.


Plantings and buffer strips suitable for flood-prone areas will be upgraded.


Plant pollinators will be incorporated.


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